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Frequently asked questions

Who is RankWell® for?

RankWell® is one of the world’s top AI writers for SEO. Don’t take our word for it – listen to folks like Richard Keech, Senior Digital Marketing Manager of NextCare, who 16x’ed content production and doubled traffic in just 7 months with Content at Scale. 25+ more RankWell® case studies here.

We built RankWell® for anyone who wants to improve their (or their clients’) search engine rankings. Our founding team are expert SEOs and content marketers who wanted to save on our own time in content production, before doing it for you. We were the first guinea pigs of our own success.

How does RankWell write such relevant content?

Our AI researches, understands, and compiles an entire database of everything about the topic that a human could possibly research–in about 60 seconds. Then we use our proprietary stack of multiple LLMs, SEO-friendly format and other secret sauce to create a truly rank-worthy piece of content. No other AI writer can do this, and these features come with the RankWell® Essentials plan you see above (inside the app, once subscribed, you can add more posts and upgrade to more volume at any time).

Can I customize the output?

Have something special to add to the content that only you know? Add it to your article after it’s created. 

Is Content at Scale different from ChatGPT?

Yes. Quite different. Unlike general writing aids, we focus on ranking with real-time, intent-based research for each keyword. An insane amount of research, formatting, and SEO-friendly secret sauce go into each and every piece of content. You also have an entire SEO tool suite at your fingertips inside RankWell®.

Does Google hate AI content?

No, Google does not hate AI content. Google doesn’t care how your content is created as long as it serves your audience well. Read our blog for more indepth guidance on this one.

What is a 'project’?

A project is any individual website that you manage or monitor through our platform, uniquely identified and tracked within your account. If you’re in charge of multiple websites, then you need multiple projects.

What about thought leadership and creating content for big publications?

We have unique capabilities built-in to allow you to create true thought leadership content. Here’s how it works. Let’s say you have a Zoom recording with an SME (subject matter expert). You can take that Zoom recording, up to an hour long; export the audio file, upload that as a source input to Content at Scale, and it will create a beautiful, 1,000-word article from that input. You can turn our Google search crawler off before it creates the content, so it’s never pulling from Google, and only from that source input. See an example of an article written strictly for a YouTube video, 100% by our AI – no human editing.

How do you know what to write if you don’t know my industry?

AI (Artificial Intelligence) has hundreds of billions of data points available to it. That is infinitely more than the human brain will have access to, no matter how long that human lives or how much they learn. The datasets for GPT only grow and get larger and larger as the model trains and learns with time. Our unique, proprietary stack of more than 3 AI writers will nail your industry expertise better than a human ever can. Our software is built with real-time research capabilities as well, which means it’s researching what’s at the top of Google to find the latest and greatest, parse that down, and distill that into the content it writes for your topic or keyword.

How many languages do you support?

Content at Scale writes natively in over 100 languages. These languages are listed in the 'Language' drop-down menu inside Project Settings.

When creating a new project, select the desired language and click on "Create Project."

You can use keywords and sources in the target language. One way to create a post in Content at Scale is using an existing blog post or URL. The good news is that you can use a source in a different language to your target language and the platform will translate it for you.

For example, let's say you found a great article about your keyword in English, but you want the output to be in Spanish. Let's see how you can do it.

First, click on 'Add Content' and select 'From an Existing Blog Post or URL'. Click 'Next'.

On the next screen:

  • Paste the url of the article in English.
  • Insert the Spanish keyword (or your target language).
  • In the Additional Context field, type: Write the article in Spanish (or your target language).
  • Click on 'Create Content Now'.

You’ll receive content that is 100% original, and 100% written in that native tongue. Voila!

How do I choose the right plan?

Choose the RankWell® Essentials standard plan to get our premium long-form writer, four long-form blogs per month, and all of the features (SEO keyword research, optimization audits, and more) in our RankWell® toolsuite. Then, you can upgrade or buy extra credits anytime from your billing menu.

Can I switch plans?

Yes. You can switch plans at any time from your billing menu inside the app. We’ve made it very easy.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes, both monthly and annual plans are available, with savings on annual subscriptions.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

Yes, with effect at the end of the current period.

How does the paid trial work?

Get the full RankWell experience for 7 days. Create a deep-researched, SEO-friendly article you can use anywhere #StraightOuttaAI. 7 days after your trial begins, you automatically move to the RankWell Essentials plan. See an example of a blog written by RankWell®, StraightOuttaAI.

Can I buy more credits after I sign up?

Yes. Purchase the plan you need now. Then downgrade or upgrade anytime from your billing menu.